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Maria Olaru

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New Romanian Hopeful

    Maria Olaru was born in Bucovina, on 4 June 1982 in Falticeni (RO, jud : Suceava) along the Moldova river. When she was three her father died. She had quite a hard childhood. She has two sisters who are three and 8 years older and she has a good contact with them and her mother. When she was seven she went to Deva to train in what is probably the best gymnastic school in the world. 

    She likes animals and she likes Italy. She can even speak Italian.

      As she was too young she couldn't participate to the 96 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and to the 97 World Championships in Lausanne. She appeared at the Gander Memorial in Montreux 1 November 97 and other Meetings (esp. in France, in U.K., in the USA and in Italy) where she clearly showed that she would be a protagonist of next years Gymnastic competitions. She also competed in Italy in a regional meeting with Fano as foreign member in 96. She already won a big international fame as a junior gymnast. 

   A note from the original author, Guglielmo Pasa:

    The source of all the information in this page is Maria Olaru herself and I. Clearly all inexact information is only my fault. 

    A note from Amanar A. Admirer:

    This is another modified biography by me, the creativity-less web designer of the Romanian Lovers Alliance. I hope you had enjoyed it. For further information, such as pictures and competition result, please go to the Maria Olaru Site.

    P.S. Sorry no FX music available, apprently she is not famous enough.

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