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I pretty much have given up updating this web site regularly. RLA was started by two middle school girls who were crazy about Romanian gymnastics back in 1996. I have long lost contact with the two "founders" but I continued to maintain this web site under until now. To me, it is still a great enjoyment to watch gymnastics now and then but I no long have that youthful passion to keep up with gymnastics news consistently. I suppose every little girl eventually goes with her life. Thank you everyone for your support of the site. I will try to keep this website online for as long as I can. (January, 2003)
I upated the page (finally) if you haven't see it already...
I signed RLA up at YAHOO Club several month ago. It's really fun and we welcome you to sign up.
For non-members who wishes to join RLA, please send a e-mail to ME with you name and the respones for the following 10 questions.
1. How old are you?
2. What gender are you?
3. Where do you live?
4. Are you a gymnast? (if not, skip to question 7)
5. What level gymnast are you?
6. How long have you been doing gymnastics?
7. Have you ever been to our beloved country, Romania?
8. Who are your favorite gymnasts (doesn't have to be Romanian gymnasts)?
9. Why do you love Romania??lt;br> 10. When is your birthday?
We have several new members, please welcome them.