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Romania Trivia

Romanians adore big-nosed French actor Génard Depardieu(pictured on the right) as much as he adores Romania. Since visiting Romanian with President Jacques Chirac in 1997, Depardieu has returned several times to set up a business there.

Romanians love big basketball player Gheorghe Muresan (No.77 on the picture) even more; the 2.34m-tall Romanian player, centre for the Washington Bullets, co-stars with Billy Crystal in the film My Giant, released in mid-1998. Muresan plays a simple Romanian monastery caretaker with a gift for Shakespeare who is discovered by a thertre agent and whisked to the US to star in movies. Gheorghe Muresan, 27 years old, was born in Triteni near Turda, studied in Cluj-Napoca, played basketball for France, and left Romania in 1993 to play for the Bullets. He's the tallest player in the NBA.

Source: Romania & Moldova, 1998