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Ana Maria Bican

A great gymnast is those who seized the spotlight at the right moment. Olympic medalists Gogean, Milosovici, and Amanar are well-known partiually because of how they sieze the moment and was able to come up big. Yet not everyone is that fortunate, some people never made it to the world stage. For Ana Maria Bican, she came real close to fulfilling her Olympics dream. She was one of the six chosen ones to be on the Romanian Olympics Team in 1996; however, her moment was taken away from her the nigth before the games begin - she injured her knee during practice. I suppose no one is going to remember her in ten years, after all it's the heros that are being remembered not the casualties. For that reason I would like to dedicate this page to her, to serve as a tribute for all those who came close but never quite made it.

Ana Maria Bican was born on March 3, 1980 in Zarnesti, Romania to Gheorge, and engineer, and Stefana, a chemistry lab worker. Other family includes her two brothers Ion and Catalin.

Favorite apparatus: Vault
Favorite gymnasts: Oksana Fabrichnova and Gina Gogean
Hobbies: Reading and playing electronic games

I don't have alot of infomation about Ana Maria Bican, so if you have any additional infomation, please e-mail me! Thank you!