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Romanian Gymnasts Biography

- Stuffs that you can find elsewhere...maybe not anymore.

Okay, I know you can find bio pages on most of the gymnastics web sites, but since we already had so many, I thought no one would mind to have another one. I don't write the bio's myself though, I search for good bio's on the net then I modify it a little. I usually provides a link to the web page that I got infomation from, so if you wish to see the original web site, you have an access to it. Check it out, there are more to come!(You'll hear the gymnast's FX music when you enter each gymnast's bio except for Marinescu.)

Alanxandra Marinescu - A retired gymnast
Gina Gogean - My all time favoriate gymnast.
Lavinia Milosovici - The shining star of the 90's.
Claudia Presacan - The gymnast whose name is often misspelled.
Corina Ugureanu - An "Honoured Citizen" of Ploiesti, Romania.
Maria Olaru - New Romania Hopeful
Aurelia Dobre - The Nadia of the late 80's
Ana Maria Bican - She came really close...