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An exciting new star!!!

This is another biography by Lauren, the wise one, plus extra stuffs I found. The background music being "House of the Raising Sun", Corina's Floor Excise music. Please enjoy.

An analysis of Corina's name!

She was born August 29, 1980 in Ploiesti, Romania. She is 1.38 meters tall. (Or four feet, five inches.)

At the World Championships, Corina was so nervous before beginning her beam routine in the qualifying rounds, that she didn't notice the green signal to begin given by the judges! She lost her concentration on beam, and scored only an 8.95 with a fall. :(

At the 1997 Junior Romanian Nationals, Corina was named the "Citizen of Honor" because it was held where she was born (Ploiesti) and she hosted the competition

After winning the Team competition at the 1997 World Championship, in which Corina participated in three apparatus, she gave the following statement:

"I was the first to start the competition for three apparatus, and it was really difficult. The debut in such an important championship made me experience some unforgettable feelings."

The following news was on the IG January, '98 issue:

The municipal council of Ploiesti, Romania, unanimously decided to award "Honoured Citizen" titles to 1997 World team gold medallist Corina Ungueanu and her coach, Elena Sima.

In case you were wondering...

Corina Ungureanu and Teodora Ungureanu are not related. "Ungureanu" is a pretty common name in Romania.

Source: Ask Alex, the most trustworthy source on the net!

Here is a bit of information contributed by Ioana Jadic:

Corina was on the junior team from 1993-1995. She became a member of the senior national team in 1996. Her club is Petrolul Ploiesti.

Corina tied for first on the FX at the 1998 European Championship. Congratulation Corina!

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