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After years of searching...exaggerating, I finally found the FX music for Alexandra - Capulets and Montagues, played by the Oakland Youth Orchestra. Enjoy! (Both the music and the time downloading it.)

Marinescu's Story


    Born March 15, 1981 in Bucharest, Romania, Alexandra Marinescu had high hopes of creating a successful career in sports. Her parents, Alexandru and Anca felt Alexandra should pursue swimming, and registered her for lessons; however, her experienced coaches decided that she would be better suited for gymnastics, so she switched sports. After the switch, Alexandra took to the balance beam which, to her, has developed to be her trademark and specialty in artistic gymnastics. Unlike many Romanian gymnasts, Alexandra remained training in Bucharest at the Triumph club until early 1996 when she was selected to train with the national team in Deva, Romania. She had previously competed as an essential a part of the national team, but remained training in Bucharest. Alexandra likes this change "I get board when I'm home with my parents. I have nothing to do" she laughs. With plenty to do at the Cetate Club, Alexandra trains approximately six to eight hours a day and attends school for three to four hours every day.

    Alexandra has very much appreciated, yet few moments of spare time which she spends listening to music and watching comedy films. Her favorite actors include Jim Carry and Tom Hanks which she admires very much for their talent and dedication. Alexandra's life doesn't solely consist of gymnastics, she enjoys her Art, Mathematics and English classes the best. She enjoys the British musical Group East 17 which she listens to frequently. Her closest friend is Aurelia Gheba, also a member of the Romanian Gymnastic Team and, of course, her dog named Pichy. Because of Alexandra's great accomplishments, she has grown to be a confident and successful gymnast who will continue to improve and impress the world with daring new moves on the balance beam as well as other apparatus. Alexandra is often wrongly accused to posses an attitude of arrogance and over confidence; however, her comments are also well supported by her achievements and her honesty and self-confidence compose two traits so admirable one cannot deny their truths. To the world, Alexandra asks that we seek to learn more about her country of Romania.

    Alexandra shines brightly to the youth of Romania and will soon lead the team to further gold as well as change the face of women's gymnastics as she continues to grow, porgies and share her dream with the world!

A poem by ALEXANDRA COSTINIU from Bucharest, Romania:

When she dances on the floor
Vaults, does flicks and many more
The crowd says she is the best
And the Judges do the Rest! TEN!!



Alexandra Marinescu was offered the chance to spend the winter at Nadia and Bart gym always, Nadia and Bart tried to help the gymnasts in need, and offer them the best they could get. Alex will spend this winter trying to recover from her injury and become a leader of the gym world. She will also get the chance to improve her English skill. Good Luck Alex and Come back healthy!

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