Irina's Story

    On March 26, 1974, a daughter was born in Bucharest, Romania. Irina was born under the rule of a Communist dicatator, and has said that until he was exucuted, she couldn't even obtain tapes of Ilie Natase, another famous Romanian tennis player.

    This young child grew up. In 1990, this right-handed girl turned pro, and has since moved up to a 8th place rank in singles. Now this five nine, one hundred fifty pound girl lives in Rome.

    Being one of the top players in the world, and the top player in Romania, it would have been easy for Irina to take a stuck-up, snobbish attitude. But she has done no such thing. Unlike many players who think they will never lose, Irina is humble and kind towards other players.

    Irina's great attitude and talent will take her far in life. And that's where we hope she will be.
P.S. She is the first Romanian Woman to reach top ten since 1981.


    Irina doesn't seem to have any luck against the Williams girls, whether it's Venus or Serena, she just doesn't seem to be in her best form when she play against them. Could it be a curse? I don't think so! :o) Best wishes to Spirlea in the near future. Watch out, Vunus, she the one who is going to change you if you and sister does go 1-2, in the year 2000!


Irina lost in the first round of the French Open :o(

There is always a next year!

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