Ruxandra Dragomir Interview

Since Irina Spirlea has a interview page I thought it would only be fair to let Ruxandra have an interview page as well. And thanks to Ioana Jadic for contributing this interview. This interview was done by Isabela Onofrei from "Ecran Magazin" after the 1995 Australian Open.

IO: What are your thoughts on the Australian Open?

Ruxandra Dragomir: I think everyone already knows that I got to the second round, where I lost 4-6 in the third set. I could have easily lost in the first round, but I got lucky.

IO: Did the playing surface create any problems for you?

RD: No, because I got used to it very quickly.

IO: What are your future plans?

RD: First of all, I'm going to a tournament in Austria, where I competed last year, too and I lost in the second round. I hope I can improve on that result this year. Then there will be a couple of tournaments in the US.

IO:What did you do when you came back from Australia?

RD: I went to Poiana Brasov with Emil, my boyfriend, with my sister and her daughter. Of course, we couldn't forget Kuki (her beautiful collie). We hardly ever went out because my niece insisted we do as she pleases.

IO: So, you were under a dictatorship?

RD: (laughing) Something like that.

IO: Anything else?

RD: There wasn't too much snow, it only snowed three days before we left,so I only skied once. I didn't fall at all :o)!

IO: What will you do once you retire from professional tennis?

RD: I'm already a coach, but what I'd really like to do is become business woman and work with the players. So, I want to be a female version of Ion Tiriac.

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