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Goodwill Games Day 5

Men's PB and HB

For updates on Sang Lan, click here and here is the report on the press conference that took place yesterday. If you wish to write her here is the address of the hospital:

To: Miss Sang Lan
Nassau County Medical Center
2201 Hempstead TPKE Fl 18
East Meadow, NY 11554

Here is an image with a message written in Chinese that you can use, even though I won't recommanded. Since it reads,"Get well soon, we miss you!" Doesn't really applys to fans that had never heard of her before the accident. I would suggest write her and ask a friend who know Chinese to translate it. Just a reminder, Chinese varys in types, one is the simplified form and one is the traditional form. The simplified form is used in Main land China, while the other kind is used in Taiwan. It would be more convenient for Sang Lan (and the person readin the letter to her) if you translate it to simplified Chinese. And trust it's not hard at all to find a person to translate the letter, and be sure to find a person who really knows Chinese, or else the letter might be incomprehensible!

Final Result
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Final Results

Men's Individual Apparatus - Parallel Bars - July 23, 1998
1 CHN Xu Huang          9.725 
2 BLR Ivan Ivankov      9.700 
3 USA Trent Wells       9.600 
4 JPN Naoya Tsukahara   9.550 
4 RUS Alexei Bondarenko 9.550 
6 RUS Maksim Alyoshin   9.400 
7 CHN Yufu Lu           9.200 
8 USA Sean Townsend     8.800 

Men's Individual Apparatus - High Bar - July 23, 1998
1 BLR Ivan Ivankov       9.725 
2 RUS Aleksei Nemov      9.650 
3 KAZ Sergei Fedorchenko 9.525 
4 CHN Yufu Lu            9.475 
5 JPN Yoshiaki Hatakeda  9.450 
6 USA Chris Young        9.025 
7 RUS Aleksei Bondarenko 8.900 
8 FIN Jani Tanskanen     8.425 


Bar none - On Ivankov.
Hometown boy does good

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